On the Run: Training Week 1 Recap

A week of training for my fall 10K is already in the books! I’ve already started Week 2 off strong with my scheduled 25 minute run early this Monday morning, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Week 1 saw the first real, hot, muggy days of a Pittsburgh summer come in strong. Consequently, my non-air-conditioned post run life has been sweaty. 

I got in a total of 5.5 miles between my two runs, and did some Runner’s Yoga with Adriene on the off days to keep myself stretched out. Saturday’s long run was planned for 2 miles, but I pushed on for a 5K because it’s Fandom Running Club Racery Season! (more on that later).

On average, my pace was around 11:29/mile. This may seem slow to some, but to me, it’s right on target for my goal 10K pace of 11:30/mile. This is a conservative goal, looking at what I had hoped would be my Half Marathon pace in the Race that Wasn’t earlier this year. In theory, I should be able to manage a bit faster for a shorter race–but I wanted to focus more on finishing and staying injury free for this training cycle.

My hope is to be more consistent with crosstraining in the coming weeks, adding a bit more core strengthening as recommended by my PT to help support my bum hip. I’m also being extra mindful of form and taking the time to do my PT exercises every (okay, almost every) day.

My legs are feeling the burn as I not only started training last week, but also started the all out mileage madness that is a Fandom Running Club Racery event. For those who don’t know, Fandom Running Club is one of many fantastic virtual running clubs housed under the umbrella of Random Tuesday. They create awesome, themed virtual races throughout the year, each one supporting a different charity, and were a huge part in my journey to become a runner in 2018.

I’ve been a Potterhead Running Club (formerly Hogwarts Running Club) member for a few years now and participated in their Racery event, Quidditch, which is huge competition between multiple house teams to get as many miles as possible in a virtual race along a map on the Racery platform. It always entails a crazy uptick in running and walking miles. When I saw there would be a Battle of the Fandoms with a similar format, I couldn’t wait to get signed up for the Marvel themed team, EXCELSIOR!

Of course, this means that I’ve spent every spare moment getting in miles, be it adding a little extra onto a training run or going to the mall to walk around in the AC over the weekend. All these extra miles mean I need even more TLC, but I’m being careful not to overextend on the running side of things so I can keep on training strong.

With Week 1 in the books, I’m feeling good enough to say “Bring it on, Week 2!”

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