Adventures in Self-Care: 7 Things I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Hello from day ??? of the pandemic. I hope this post finds you in the best possible state you can be in at this time. I know for many of us, our states or counties or areas are beginning to open up to one extent or another, and there’s a lot of uncertainty as we try to figure out what level of re-integration into the outside world is safe.

Personally, I’m in a more densely populated county, so we are just starting this week with the “yellow phase” of reopening, in which I will finally be able to go back to the eye doctor to get my (incorrect) prescription adjusted. Contacts, here I come!
Since our stay-at-home order began, I have left the house approximately… three times? Once for groceries and a couple of times to curbside pickup coffee grounds from my favorite local shop, Coffee Tree Roasters, because my pandemic panic has largely manifested in a fear that everything I’ve come to love about this city will inevitably vanish under the coming economic collapse. Just me? 
Well, okay then. Back to the blog post’s actual topic.
This week, I’m just plain and simple going to spend a little bit of time talking through what I’ve been enjoying lately. Though some businesses in my area are beginning to open back up with restrictions, my own workplace will continue work-from-home for the foreseeable future, and so, like many of us, I’ve had a little extra time on my hands, and know some of you likely do, too. This is how I’ve been filling mine:

1) Kick It! by Eliza virtual classes

I’ve mentioned my love of the Kick It! class available on PopSugar Fitness’ YouTube page before. The studio and fitness style are largely based in Boston, so I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of doing a live class. 

Enter the strange new world of every fitness studio streaming over Zoom. 
Kick It now offers an Unlimited Fempire membership platform with a monthly rate to take as many online live classes as you want. I’ve been enjoying planning out my weekly workouts and working up a sweat in the fun, kickbox-to-music inspired workouts. 
2) Livestreams with The Glass Cannon Podcast crew

True, the flagship shows have been put on hiatus as the guys can’t meet in person, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating content for the Naish.

I confess I’ve not been one to much see the point of Twitch as a general concept, especially for actual play podcast content. Ok, so I stare at your faces while you describe a fictional scene. But now that I interact with almost everyone through little boxes on my screen, the livestream recording experience feels personal in a new way. These guys are little boxes on my screen, just like my friends and coworkers!

So, I’ve been enjoying their Side Sesh Side Quest project while the OG GCP goes on indefinite hiatus due to quarantine.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been baking a lot lately and it’s bringing a lot of pleasure. 

Most recently, I tangled with a second attempt at macaroons.
 Yes, the shells are yellow for my house, Hufflepuff, and the filling is green for Andy’s, Slytherin. 
4) Yoga with Adriene

Am I ever not enjoying a little YWA? Continuing to get on the mat helps. It just helps so much.

5) Daily Podcast Land

Short daily podcasts are apparently a thing that exists? Forever35 hosts Kate and Doree have started a daily podcast called Here for You that offers a little check-in and a daily activity for us all to do.

6) Plant parent life

I bought a plant. To be specific, it’s a monstera. 

I am enjoying watering it and watching as it shifts position in the corner, stretching towards the light. With so many people posting about their pets being their new “co-workers,” I’m finding Artemis’ absence to be a larger gaping hole in my life than usual. Weirdly, caring for this new plant alongside my long-suffering* cactus helps. 

(*I admit it, I used to forget that my cactus existed for long periods of time. It’s weathered them all beautifully. I’m doing better now, I promise). 

7) Becoming (re)obsessed with Great British Bake Off 

One of the most soothing things in the world, to me, is Great British Bake Off. I love all things cake and bread and pie, and the show’s vibe is absolutely lovely. I don’t have to tell you that–it’s an incredibly popular show for a reason. Lately I’ve been letting old episodes become the backdrop to my evenings, which has of course inspired the aforementioned baking. I even attempted a Victoria Sponge. It went poorly. 

So that, along with a daily walk with face-covering in tow, has pretty much been how I’ve filled my time recently. What old hobbies are you dusting off? Or are you picking up something new? 

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