About Me

Welcome to Running Into Joy! This blog is all about my personal journey of running into joy wherever I can, in the hopes you can relate and maybe find some good ideas, too.

(Photo by Sunshine Studio)
My name is Amanda Kay Oaks. I’m a writer, student affairs professional, and educator living in Pittsburgh, PA with my fiancé, Andy, and my Blue Heeler pup, Azula.
As you can probably tell from my content, I love all things yoga, baking, running, and am also a huge nerd at heart. Talk to me for too long and I will almost undoubtedly quote The Glass Cannon Podcast at you in a weird voice and pretend that’s a normal thing people do.
I started this project as a way to keep myself writing regularly post MFA, and to connect with other folks just trying to figure their way through this thing called life.
Current project: The Great British Blog Off, where I’m baking my way through an entire Great British Bake Off cookbook because, you know, why not?
(Photo by Sunshine Studio)
You can follow me on Instagram @i_write_things and the blog on Twitter at @runningintojoy1. Find more of my work at my personal website.
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